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The Indie Next List (formerly Book Sense Picks) for children is a seasonal selection of eclectic new books chosen by independent booksellers.

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Top Ten

1. Matched
Ally Condie, Dutton Juvenile
"Yes, it's dystopian, but Matched is really about a young woman, Cassia, discovering the gift of thinking for herself after growing up under the rules of The Society. When she is matched to her 'perfect' mate but finds out that her true match might be a different boy with a mysterious past that The Society is trying to cover up, Cassia begins to question their real intention. I can't wait for the sequel, and I'm also hoping this will turn some teens on to Dylan Thomas' poetry."
-Kelly Estep, Carmichael's Bookstore, Louisville, KY

2. Beautiful Oops!
Barnie Saltzberg, Workman
"Beautiful Oops! is a small, joyful book that shows kids that there is no such thing as a mistake -- life just presents us with events that open windows to new ways of seeing and thinking. This book can truly be gift for any age reader. It will resonate with those who are frozen by perfectionism, and it is also fun and positive for those kids who love imaginative interaction and exploration."
- Judy Bulow, Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver, CO

3. A Long Walk to Water
Linda Sue Park, Clarion Books
"Feel the heat, fear, and uncertainty as you walk with 11-year-old Salva, who, in 1985, is fleeing his homeland of Southern Sudan. Linda Sue Park has crafted a gripping story of a 'Lost Boy,' all the more remarkable because it is based on a true story. Intertwined with Salva's story is that of 11-year-old Nya, from a rival tribe in Southern Sudan. This 'long walk' will take readers into a troubled country, but a country still filled with hope due to people like Salva. This is a book for the reader who wants to look behind the headlines."
- David Mallmann, Next Chapter Bookshop, Mequon, WI

4. Virals
Kathy Reichs, Brendan Reichs, Razorbill
"Kathy Reichs, well known in the adult world for her Temperance Brennan mysteries, has given Dr. Brennan a niece! Tory is smart, intuitive, and psyched to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Coop, the wolf-dog. When her friends start manifesting some dog-like tendencies
after being exposed to an experimental virus, the race for answers gets even scarier. This fast-paced adventure takes some unusual twists and keeps the reader turning the pages."
- Margaret Brennan Neville, The King's English, Salt Lake City, UT

5. Sapphique
Catherine Fisher, Dial Books for Young Readers
"What a follow up to Incarceron! The prison Incarceron begins to plot an escape from itself, dooming the prisoners inside. Meanwhile, outside, prisoner-turned-prince Finn begins to see the decay of the 'real world' as he struggles to stay afloat in life-threatening politics. An enthralling
entry to this series!"
- Meg O'Connor, Maria's Bookshop, Durango, CO

6. The Steps Across the Water
Adam Gopnik, Hyperion Books for Children
"Do you want to know why you never see the same taxi driver twice in New York City? Read The Steps Across the Water and discover a city similar to New York, called U Nork, with taller skyscrapers, dirigibles, and zeppelins, and in danger of being destroyed. Only Rose can save the citizens of U Nork. But how does a young girl save a huge city -- or is it really as big as it seems? This is a fantasy adventure told with humor, insight, love, with messages for both young and old."
- Karen Briggs, Great Northern Books and Hobbies, Oscoda, MI

7. Annexed
Sharon Dogar, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
"Everyone knows the story of Anne Frank. This book re-imagines that story as experienced by Peter, the teenage boy who lived in the Annex with the Frank family. Peter's voice is haunting and heartbreaking. His pleas for people to remember, to believe, will stay with you long after the book has ended."
- Kyla Paterno, Garfield Book Company at PLU, Tacoma, WA

8. Cat Secrets
Jef Czekaj, Balzer + Bray
"This is a wonderfully interactive, ideal read-aloud title narrated by a trio of felines who need to make sure their readers are truly cats before they will reveal their 'Cat Secrets.' Readers and listeners will be meowing, stretching, cat-napping, and thoroughly enjoying this playfully subversive book."
- Heather Elia, Colgate Bookstore, Hamilton, NY

9. Trash
Andy Mulligan, David Fickling Books
"Can three boys who live by their wits and their ability to scavenge whatever is necessary to stay alive from a city's mountains of trash break out of their bleak world? Andy Mulligan brings us a finely developed and gripping novel, pitting the boys' desperate life-and-death daily struggles
against the city's corrupt police force and government officials who are determined to use their unchecked power to recapture what was lost by them and inadvertently discovered by the boys. An unforgettable read!" - Jack Blanchard, Fairy Godmother, Washington, DC

10. 13 Words
Lemony Snicket, Maira Kalman (Illus.), HarperCollins
"Some years ago, I read an article that proposed that children didn't like to read because contemporary publishing trends had dumbed-down the language, making books boring. A child should certainly learn to understand words like 'dog' and 'frog,' but where were the words that
enlivened the story and stretched the reader's imagination? Leave it to Lemony Snicket to create a children's picture book that celebrates not only 'dog' and 'cake' and 'goat,' but also words like 'haberdashery' and 'despondent' and 'panache!'"
- Laura Hansen, Bookin' It, Little Falls, MN

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Ages 4 to 8

Bedtime for Bear
Brett Helquist (HarperCollins)
“It's time for Bear to curl up in his cozy bed and sleep for the winter. But just as he is about to drift off into hibernation he hears his raccoon friends calling him to play outside in the snow. They are making too much noise for Bear to sleep, so he marches outside to tell them to be quiet,
only to get a snowball in the nose! He and his friends play in the snow all day before it's really and truly bedtime for Bear. Brett Helquist's story is raucous and adorable, with wonderful illustrations that perfectly capture the friends' fun day in the snow.”
—Megan Graves, Hooray for Books!, Alexandria, VA

Chick 'n' Pug
Jennifer Sattler (Bloomsbury)
“This book is laugh-out-loud hilarious! After reading a comicbook about 'Wonder Pug,' Chick sets off to find one of his own. The pug he finds, however, is a sleepy, grumpy dog, certainly not a comic book superhero! Can Chick turn him into one?”
—Rebecca Moore, Hooray for Books!, Alexandria, VA

The Chiru of High Tibet: A True Story
Jacqueline Briggs Martin, Linda Wingerter (Illus.) (Houghton Mifflin)“This graceful picture book lets children experience the secret world of a rare wild species hidden away deep in the remotest reaches of Tibet. Wide, sweeping landscapes and the simplest story telling convey the patience and care of the scientists and explorers who sought the secrets of the chiru.”
—Mary Taft, Prairie Lights Books, Iowa City, IA

Forsythia & Me
Vincent X. Kirsch (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
“Forsythia is a daring and amazingly talented friend. When she turns up under the weather one day, her admiring friend Chester musters his own talents and aids in her recovery. If you love quirky, you'll love this fun friendship story. A good book for 'older' picture book readers, and the
illustrations are a treat for all ages!”
—Angela K Sherrill, 57th Street Books, Chicago, IL

Goldie and the Three Hares
Margie Palatini, Jack E. Davis (Illus.) (Katherine Tegen Books)
“What happened after Goldie ran away from the three bears? She fell down a rabbit hole, broke her foot, and took over the home of three hospitable hares. Apparently her brush with the bears didn't teach her any lessons! A very funny sequel to a favorite tale.”
—Meaghan Beasley, Island Bookstore, Kitty Hawk, NC

I Didn't Do it
Patricia McLachlan and Emily McLachlan Charest, Katy Schneider (illus.)
(Katherine Tegen Books)
“In this sequel to Once I Ate a Pie, MacLachlan manages the almost impossible task of creating poetry which captures the endearing playfulness and comical antics of puppies without over-the-top sentimental sweetness. The painterly portraits of different breeds of dogs that accompany each poem will capture the heart of dog lovers everywhere. This book is irresistible!”
—Pam Stilp, Boswell Book Company, Milwaukee, WI

Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile
Gloria Houston, Susan Condie Lamb (Illus.) (HarperCollins)
“This sweet, charming story is perfect for book lovers! When Miss Dorothy moves to a house in the mountains, she realizes that there is no library. With the help of other farmers in the area, Miss Dorothy puts together a bookmobile and makes it her mission to get books to those who need them, despite the often fierce weather conditions. Miss Dorothy touches many people through her work -- a farmer who loves poetry, a young girl in a wheel chair, and a young man who wants to be a pilot. Susan Condie Lamb's illustrations are delightful and vibrant!”
—Rebecca Moore, Hooray for Books!, Alexandria, VA

The Red Hen
Rebecca Emberley, Ed Emberley (Illus.) (Roaring Brook Press)“Bright, wild, and visually wacky describes this fresh update of the well-known morality tale The Little Red Hen. Father-and-daughter artists, the Emberleys bring life and fun to this rousing story that will be cheered by teachers and preschoolers alike.”
—Maureen Palacios, Once Upon a Time, Montrose, CA

The Secret River
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Leo and Diane Dillon (Illus.) (Atheneum) “The Secret River is a beautiful story with the feeling of a folk tale. When hard times come to the forest and Calpurnia's father can't catch fish to sell, Calpurnia sets out with her dog to help. Following her nose, she
finds the secret river, bursting with fish. With hard work, determination, and a belief in the extraordinary, Calpurnia brings better times to the forest. The Dillons' illustrations bring depth to the story, expanding the text and showing the magic and imagination present in Calpurnia's world.”
—Marika McCoola, Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, MA

Small, Medium and Large
Jane Monroe Donovan (Sleeping Bear Press)
“This richly and warmly illustrated story of one girl's Christmas dreams come true will keep you smiling and reaching for a cup of cocoa. The adventures of one young girl and her new best friends are a perfect way to keep grounded in the things that matter the most during the holiday season -- cookies, wild toboggan rides, a warm fire, and the comfort of being with those you love.”
—Tom Heywood, The Babbling Book, Haines, AK

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Ages 9 to 12

Karla Oceanak, Kendra Spanjer (Illus.) ()
“This is a book that definitely speaks 'kid speak.' The first installment in an A-to-Z alphabet series, this is perfect for reluctant readers. It's fun for kids and will be appreciated by parents and teachers for the amusing 'back door' approach to enriching vocabulary. Look out Wimpy Kid!”
—Stacy Morris, Katy Budget Books, Houston, TX

The Crowfield Curse
Pat Walsh (The Chicken House)
“Fourteenth-century England is the time of myths, both real and imagined, religious intensity, hope, and fear. Pat Walsh has given us a well-written novel that connects a story of coming of age with a supernatural mystery bound to leave readers wanting more.”
—Jack Blanchard, Fairy Godmother, Washington, DC

A Dazzling Display of Dogs
Betsy Franco, Michael Wertz (Illus.) (Tricycle Press)
“Embark on a dizzying adventure with some doggie friends! With the creative and hilarious poetry of Betsy Franco and the colorful illustrations of Michael Wertz, this picture book is sure to be a hit with kids and canines alike! Franco's poems and Wertz's designs are blended so perfectly, it is often difficult to define where one ends and the other begins. Dog lovers will be delighted by this wonderful read aloud!” —Megan
Graves, Hooray for Books!, Alexandria, VA

Kate Klise (Feiwel & Friends)
“Like most children, Daralynn's expression of loss reflects the response of the adults in her life to the same loss. But Daralynn's experience of grief is also unique and her own. This wonderful book explores the experience of loss and the often bewildering behavior of the adults left behind, and how it affects the children around them. A must-read for adults as well as children!”
—Jane Jacobs, Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA

Mike Lupica (Philomel)
“Sports novelist Mike Lupica is taking up superheroes! Billy's dad dies in a mysterious plane accident and Billy quickly realizes that there a lot of gaps in what he thought he knew about his dad. It turns out his dad was a superhero and now Billy is supposed to take up the cape. Curiously, the same people that wanted his dad dead are desperate to keep Billy alive. The cliffhanger ending will have all readers wanting to know what happens next!”
—Margaret Brennan Neville, The King's English, Salt Lake City, UT

How Tia Lola Learned to Teach
Julia Alvarez (Knopf Books for Young Readers)
“Tia Lola is back with the same wit and charm we saw in How Tia Lola Came to Stay. Now that she is, hopefully, in Vermont for good, Tia Lola becomes a part of the community by sharing her language and culture -- and love -- with her neighbors.”
—Beth Puffer, Bank Street Bookstore, New York, NY

Lost in Lexicon: An Adventure in Words and Numbers
Penny Noyce (Tumblehome Press)
“This is an absolutely fantastic book, a necessary read for both children and adults! Whether you have trouble with either language or math, the writing is clear and makes the presentations simple for anyone to follow. No matter if you like words or numbers better, this book is highly
recommended and will leave you with better understanding of concepts and
of yourself!”
—Tiffany Stone, Schuler Books & Music, Okemos, MI

Penny Dreadful
Laurel Snyder, Abigail Halpin (Illus) (Random House Books for Young Readers) “Snyder delights in showing us bright, curious kids making sense of the often-senseless world. Young Penny Grey is living a boring, controlled, and stifling life in the city when she makes a wish that something interesting would happen, 'just like in a book.' Her wish comes true when her impractical father quits his job to write a novel, plunging the family into poverty. This is a deeply human story about the importance of community and friendship, and it reminds us that a large and steady
income is not essential for a strong and happy family life. Simply wonderful!” —Rich Rennicks, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, Asheville, NC

Sugar and Ice
Kate Messner (Walker Books for Young Readers)
“When country girl Claire is scouted by a charismatic Russian skating coach, she goes from cow pond to Lake Placid, and from hicksville to potential stardom. But can Claire survive not just the hard work, but also the ultra-competitive 'mean girls on ice' she's suddenly up against? This
one is for anyone who likes 'fish out of water' stories, 'a star is born' stories, or just plain fun stories.”
—Jennifer Laughran, Books Inc., San Francisco, CA

Twosomes: Love Poems from the Animal Kingdom
Marilyn Singer, Lee Wildish (Illus.) (Knopf Books for Young Readers) “In this warm celebration of friendship and love, Marilyn Singer composes delightful poems inspired by our furry, slimy, and spotty friends in the animal world. Each rhyming couplet is a humorous slice of imagination,
accompanied beautifully by Lee Wildish's colorful, zany illustrations. Young children will be captivated by this introduced to poetry as they are drawn in by the silly characters in this rollicking book!”
—Megan Graves, Hooray for Books!, Alexandria, VA

Young Fredle
Cynthia Voight (Random House Books for Young Readers)
“Young Fredle (rhymes with metal) is a house mouse. Specifically, he is a kitchen house mouse until 'The Missus' captures him under an upturned bowl and deposits him outside. Much excitement ensues with close scrapes and new experiences. Fredle gains insight into different lifestyles and reexamines his own. In the end, he learns that there are many excellent ways to be a mouse. Funny and thoughtful, this will make a lovely family
read aloud!”
—Kat Goddard, The Bookloft, Great Barrington, MA

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Teen Readers

Across the Universe
Beth Revis (Razorbill)
“This brilliant first novel has it all -- murder, mystery, romance, suspense, and dystopian sci-fi the likes of which we've never seen before. An enormous spaceship headed for a destination hundreds of years into the future becomes a ship of lies and murder, where two teens attempt to
maneuver through the madness. Both teens and adults will fly through this one!”
—Hallie Wilkins, Anderson's Bookshop, Naperville, IL

The Candymakers
Wendy Mass (Little, Brown Young Readers)
“Welcome to the 'Life is Sweet' Candy Factory where 'Some More S'mores' and 'High-Jumping Jelly Beans' are created and you can have chocolate pizza for lunch! Logan, Daisy, Miles, and Philip each have two days to invent their own candy creation for the Annual Candymaking Contest. But
all is not as it seems, as mysterious interconnections are soon revealed. Surprises are around every corner in this truly remarkable story that is sure to make you smile and say, 'Life is sweet!'”
—David Mallmann, Next Chapter Bookshop, Mequon, WI

The Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, Book 1)
Cassandra Clare (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
“When 16-year-old Tessa Gray journeys from New York to London to join here brother, she is kidnapped and trapped in a fantastical world of werewolves, shape-changers and vampires. Tessa is rescued by the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the world of these demons.
Tessa soon discovers who she might really be -- The Clockwork Angel -- and how she personifies the link between the Shadowhunters and demons in Victorian England.”
—Jack Blanchard, Fairy Godmother, Washington, DC

The Darlings Are Forever
Melissa Kantor (Hyperion)
“Three best friends, who call themselves 'The Darlings' face their freshmen year of high school in three different schools. After swearing their friendship will never change, they are immediately faced with the realities of making new friends, meeting boys, and remaining themselves in
the face of peer pressure. A sweet and honest look at early female friendships.”
—Meaghan Beasley, Island Bookstore, Kitty Hawk, NC

Dash and Lily's Book of Dares
Rachel Cohn, David Levithan (Illus.) (Knopf Books for Young Readers) “When Lily finds most of her family gone for the Christmas holidays, her brother decides she needs an adventure and encourages her to leave a red notebook full of challenges on her favorite bookstore shelf, waiting for the right guy to come along and find it. Dash finds it and passes it back, beginning a hilarious exchange of dares and crosstown trips. Cohn and Levithan, authors of Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist, have crafted another gem of a novel.”
—Cathy Berner, Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston, TX

Dead Beautiful
Yvonne Woon (Hyperion Books for Children)
“Ever wonder why, when someone dies, we put them in a box and bury them six feet under? Read Dead Beautiful and discover the Undead, those children who have not been buried after dying, and Gottfried Academy, a boarding school that teaches humans and the Undead how to behave and get along with each other -- most of the time. This riveting story of selfless love, passion, and friendship combined with mystery and suspense will keep teens turning the pages.”
—Karen Briggs, Great Northern Books and Hobbies, Oscoda, MI

The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)
Kody Keplinger (Poppy)
“From debut novelist (and 18-year-old college student!) Kody Keplinger comes a delightfully quirky novel that is impossible to put down! Bianca is equal parts smart, sensitive, strong, and sharp-tongued -- simply a wonderful heroine to root for. Keplinger's characters are interesting and avoid the common cliches of young adult fiction. The DUFF is not to be missed!”
—Megan Graves, Hooray for Books!, Alexandria, VA

Dust City
Robert Paul Weston (Razorbill)
“How to explain Dust City? Think of the children's books you read as a child, where the animals wore clothes and walked on two legs and were human in every way but looks. Now take those images and put them into Batman's Gotham City, and that's the setting for Dust City. This is a dark
fairytale for young adults, one in which the magic has been tainted and familiar characters from our watered-down version of Grimm's tales walk the streets as hardened businessmen, cops, and criminals. A thought-provoking mystery!”
—Natasha Hayden, Summer's Stories, Kendallville, IN

Sophie Jordan (HarperCollins)
“Jacinda has a talent that has not been seen in her kind for a very long time. But when she breaks the rules and survives her encounter with the hunters, she and her family have to flee into the mortal world. Jacinda and her tribe have been hunted for centuries because, as the surviving
descendants of dragons, their blood and skin are prized trophies. When she becomes attached to one of the hunters, Jacinda and her family face having to pay a terrible price. A suspenseful paranormal romance that is a fun read.”
—Margaret Brennan Neville, The King's English, Salt Lake City, UT

Five Flavors of Dumb
Antony John (Dial)
“Is it possible for a functionally deaf girl to successfully manage a band whose music she can't hear? Piper has lived in the background most of her life until an unexpected moment of cockiness leads her to offer to get Dumb -- a mediocre high school band -- a paying job within one month. This turns her world upside down, threatening -- and promising -- to change everything. It is impossible not to root for both Piper and Dumb in this absolutely wonderful novel!”
—Melissa Posten, Pudd'nhead Books, Webster Groves, MO

The Marbury Lens
Andrew Smith (Feiwel & Friends)
“The Marbury Lens will keep you up all night. Each time your eyelids start to sink, you'll come across 'roll....tap,tap,tap,' and with a racing heart you'll drop back into the world of Marbury. No matter how many times you return to the present, the need for that adrenaline surge will have you reading more and more. This incredibly tense read starts with an very bad night of drunkenness for 16-year old Jack that sends him on a terrifying journey. This is a book you'll be talking about for a long time.”
—Andrea Vuleta, Mrs. Nelson's Toy & Book Shop, La Verne, CA

The Mockingbirds
Daisy Whitney (Little Brown)
“Themis Academy is a co-ed boarding school of the highest caliber. According to the administration, everything is perfect there. According to the students, that's not quite correct. In response, The Mockingbirds, a very organized judicial force of students is formed. Alex never dreamed that she would need their services -- until she is date-raped. This is a very strong story that is difficult to put down, with an important message for everyone.”
—Jackie Blem, Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver, CO

The Odyssey: A Graphic Novel, Based on Homer's Epic Poem
Gareth Hinds (Candlewick)
“Gareth Hinds has created yet another well-paced and thoughtful graphic adaptation of a classic. The presentation portrays all the gravity and emotional depth of its characters' struggles in language that is respectful of Homer's original, but with a clarity that both kids and adults will find accessible. Hinds' fluid illustrations have an earthy quality that brings humanity to every page.”
—Jane Knight, Bear Pond Books of Montpelier, Montpelier, VT

Orson Scott Card (Simon Pulse)
“Orson Scott Card's talent for writing simply enough for a younger audience to enjoy but complex enough to captivate an older one as well is on display in Pathfinder, a story about Rigg, a young, gifted boy whose father's sudden death starts him on a journey of discovery. The journey
leads Rigg to discover who he really is and the secret origin of the world in which he lives. Pathfinder is a great read for anybody with a love for science fiction.”
—Curtis Bunton, Ravenous Reader, Charleston, SC

Plain Kate
Erin Bow (Arthur A. Levine Books)
“Plain Kate is a gifted carver in a world where talent is perceived as witchcraft. When her father and many townspeople die of a flu, Plain Kate is forced to live on her own. To escape being burned as a witch, she trades her shadow for travel gear and her hearts desire. I was hooked till the end by this original, thought-provoking story!”
—Cinda Meister, Booksmart, Morgan Hill, CA

Please Ignore Vera Dietz
A.S. King (Knopf Books for Young Readers)
“Eighteen year old Vera has secrets, and one is about the death of her best friend, Charlie. A.S. King takes you on an enjoyable roller-coaster ride as you read about Vera and Charlie's rocky past and Vera's present day dilemma, and then brings you in for a smooth landing on your reading journey. A great teen read that delves into secrets and friendship.” —Sam Droke-Dickinson, Aaron's Books, Lititz, PA

The Running Dream
Wendelin Van Drannnen (Knopf Books for Young Readers)
“A favorite, honor-winning author has done it again! Jessica, a budding high school track star, has been running since third grade. When she loses a leg in a tragic accident, her world shatters. Learning to cope with her new reality does not come easily as Jessica begins a year-long journey of discovery. With humor and sensitivity, this novel offers readers a chance to choose to see the person, not the disability.”
—Jeanne Snyder, Books & Books, Coral Gables, FL

Three Quarters Dead
Richard Peck (Dial)
“Popularity, peer pressure, and a text from beyond the grave are key to Three Quarters Dead. It has ghosts, creepiness, and shivers. It also has a high school setting where students are struggling with all of the issues that teenagers face. Entertaining and discussion worthy, this is a winning
combination from a master storyteller.”
—Ellen Richmond, Children's Book Cellar, Waterville, ME

Alex Scarrow (Walker Books for Young Readers)
“Time travel exists, but the inventor of the time machine has traveled to the past and returned vowing to never let it happen again or the world could be destroyed. Thus, three teenagers -- one each from the past, present and future -- have been recruited to be TimeRiders, people who
stop trespassers from the future from changing events in the past. This intriguing and exciting novel explores the importance of history, while giving the reader a roller-coaster ride through time.” —Karen Briggs, Great Northern Books and Hobbies, Oscoda, MI

Tyger Tyger: A Goblin Wars Book
Kersten Hamilton (Clarion Books)
“For a young girl living in Chicago, Teagan Wylltson's biggest troubles include catching the bus on time, keeping her rooftop hideout private from her little brother, and good-naturedly accepting her best friends overdramatic tendencies. Then, Finn Mac Cumhaill arrives, and with the arrival of this aloof cousin comes a string of troubles, the likes of which Teagen could have never predicted. With only Finn's assurance and her own quick thinking, Teagan journeys with Finn and her younger brother into the deepest realms of another world -- a world full of dark magic and
ancient creatures -- a world which has trapped her father and threatens her very existence!”
—Katie Capaldi, McLean & Eakin Booksellers, Petoskey, MI

Cynthia Hand (HarperTeen)
“Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the setting for this story of half-angel Clara and her family, her high school friends, and her mission. Clara seeks to fulfill her vision and to come to terms with her calling, but she must still deal with typical teenage problems. Romance, suspense, and the
beauty of nature are integral to this tale. Readers will come to love Clara as she contends with occupying both earthly and unearthly worlds.” —Paula Primavera, Covered Treasures Bookstore, Monument, CO